June 20, 2014 at 05:15pm

daydreamin’ ⛅️

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Happy Father’s Day, Bob Saget

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flashback friday just because I wish it were sunny enough to go rock climbing again with my adventure buddy @jessicalynn1214 ☀️

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#providence (at Lola’s Tequila Bar & Cantina)

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Happy birthday to my favorite stud @cankerking 💎💋💕👑💅 Thank you for making me laugh every day for the past six years! Love you boo, can’t wait to celebrate with plenty of midori sours 😘

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damn straight I am #bostoncalling 🎶

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life update!

hey all, 

i know my presence on this site has faded significantly but i sincerely hope everyone who still follows me for whatever reason is doing well! i spent a lot of hours on here getting to know a lot of really awesome people from around the world, some of whom i still keep in contact with via other social media and some of whom i’ve regretfully lost touch with since going m.i.a. on here but this was a really good, safe place for me to come be myself for a while and i’ll be forever grateful to all of you who were involved with my tumblr experience. i don’t intend to come back full-force anytime soon but i will make a sincere effort to at least use this as a true blog, and keep everyone updated on what i’m up to and what i’m into. 

for starters, for those of you who may know about my troublesome past with post-high school reality induced depression and my inability to properly transition to college life, you may be happy to know that i’ve since completed a full year at community college holding a solid 3.9 gpa and am currently in summer classes. i love school again, for the first time in probably seven or eight years. i’m obsessed with learning and meeting people who have found their way to the same classes i have from all different walks of life. i’m working towards an associates degree with an english concentration and i’ve been looking at four-year schools in the boston area for when i’m ready to transfer and work on my bachelor’s degree. my dreams have changed since i was in high school but i think if i had pursued the dreams i had at the age of seventeen i’d have failed worse than i did when i settled for an in-state school and i don’t know that i would have recovered in the way that i have. 

it’s true that everything happens for a reason. i firmly believe that now. after four years of laying in the dark hating myself i am now able to understand why i needed that time to ‘get my shit together’. i’m happy now. i have amazing friends in every corner and i know who i am and what i want out of life now. it’s still hard to think about all the time i wasted being miserable and thinking about all the ways i fucked up and let people down, but i learned to stop caring about what other people expected from me and decided that it’s never too late to chase after what you want. it’s not easy. i’m still paying off student loans from the three semesters i was living at school and have almost nothing to show for it. i’m paying for my classes and textbooks completely out of pocket right now as long as i can in order to save myself from taking out any more loans until i’m at a more expensive school. i had to buy a new car so i’m making monthly payments there, too. i’m thankful to my parents for still supporting me through everything and allowing me to stay at home until i’m ready for the next chapter of my life somewhere else. i work 6am-2pm five days a week and during regular semesters i’m in school from about 4pm-9pm most afternoons. my summer class right now is spanish, which i love, but it moves quickly and it’s three and a half hours twice a week. i’m doing well so far, and enjoying it.

i’m looking at a few schools which offer great women’s studies or gender studies programs. i intend to minor in journalism or public relations. i’m so excited and so motivated to make a change in my lifetime so women of the future can hopefully deal with marginally less misogyny in their lives. i live and breathe sociology. it’s fascinating to me and it has changed my life and how i interact with people.

my baby brother just graduated from high school this past saturday. it was an emotional roller coaster of a weekend between seeing the fault in our stars (twice, mind you) and attending his graduation ceremony five years after my own. all the feelings of opportunity and endings and beginnings and bittersweet memories came rushing back and i watched him take his first steps into the real world with a bright smile. i’m so proud of him and who he is becoming. he’ll be attending wentworth institute of technology in boston in the fall to study computer science. i’m completely unprepared for him to leave home but i’m so excited for him to have all the great experiences in boston that i wish i could have at his age. he’s partly my inspiration for wanting to get back to school and get into the city. i want him to have everything he wants out of life and he wants me to work hard and catch up to him. he’s one of my best friends and i’m going to miss him so much.

i’ve tried to distance myself from the internet world lately and experience real life while it’s available because life just isn’t long enough. tumblr is great and internet friends are so special but i encourage everyone to find that balance for themselves. your life is happening around you and it’s up to you to be present in it or to tune out. i’d love to keep in touch with all of you so please feel free to reply here or message me, or find me on twitter, instagram, facebook, vine, snapchat, whatever you prefer. just ask! i’m here, i’m living, smiling, loving, breathing, taking it all in.

'it's a good life.' 

xx katelyn

  June 10, 2014 at 01:49pm

geocaching part deux ✌️#nerfherders

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