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Anonymous asked: what's sbnn?


SBNN is a fantastically brilliant organization co-founded by Avan Jogia (you may know him from the TV show Victorious) and Josh Hutcherson (you probably know him as Peeta in The Hunger Games). Basically, their message is for straight male teens, but it’s a message that needs to be heard and considered by every single person on this earth: ‘straight, gay, and everything in between…why does it matter?’

They have a lot of young celebrities who support them and have made some great PSAs explaining why it doesn’t matter at all if your friends or peers are gay and why you should treat them exactly the same. You can watch them here:!videos

If you have any other questions, that link will take you to their website and you can click around and hopefully learn what they’re all about. Buy some merch while you’re at it!

SBNN’s an organization I’ve been really supportive of even before I was such a big fan of Josh’s simply because I’m really passionate about their message and I feel that it’s what’s been missing in the area of HR organizations over the past few years. 

(Check them out on twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. also.)

  April 22, 2012 at 08:01pm